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    Zumba instructor

    Shivani Savani, Is a Licensed Zumba Instructor. She has been a Dance teacher since 23 years and taking Zumba classes since last 3 years. Other than zumba she also teaches basic jazz and hiphop for kids since 8 years. She has experience in choreography for stage show and Sangeet in marriages. Currently Shivani is the managing Director in firm Ruh Step up dance n fitness studio.

    Being a Licensed Zumba Instructor she helps Trusties in letting loose and achieve their health goals like never before. They move and motivate, energize and inspire. No other fitness program comes close to delivering the all round amazing experience of a zumba class.

    Zumba program gave her the opportunity to get back to the joyfulness of dancing on the regular basis while providing a fun and effective workout for her classes, which she dreamt of being an Instructor. “SHINI” As they call her is a Zumba and Aerobics instructor at Prabodhankar sports club.