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    Swimming Head coach

    Sandip Newalkar, work as a swim coach since 1998. He has also completed the Coaches clinic programme associated by the GMAAA (Greater Mumbai Aquatic Amateur Association). Also, he have done fitness management courses from K11. He has learnt from the various clinics and courses and have completed ASCA level 1,2 and 3 courses. He has made some of his personal tactics for training Trusties like Floor workout, Swiss ball training, Power yoga with Weight training and also Aqua aerobics and because of this his competitive level swimmers have achieved Golden Success in all stages of swimming Competition. At present they are one of the most successful Swimming Team in Mumbai.

    Sandip has learnt swimming in a very different situation as compared with others – self coach. Due to this situation, it allowed him to create a totally new but logical with specific sequence that teaches others to swim more efficiently and more gracefully without struggle. His method of teaching has proved effective on many swimmers. It has been used by many more experienced swimmers than him. The teaching instructions which are provided by him are highly unconventional and yet effective to let other learn to swim more economically, and easily without any struggle. Moreover, you will be able to understand the relationship between human body and the water – how does our human body reacts with the water.

    At present the he is in charge of the swimming pool at CSMSS/PTKS (Prabodhankar Thakrey Krida Sankul).he is the sole proprietor of the company SPLASH SPORTS and has a team consiting of 9 coaches with one assistant coach named Satish Solanki who accompanies him in all the secessions.

    With the help of the team of coaches they have succeeded in running various camps in all seasons (Summer, Diwali camps and X’Mas camps) and also have instructed in various school camps for swimming and fitness.