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    Chaitanya Badhe, Is a MD in Sports Medicine, PG Strength and Conditioning. He is Dip in Sports Management, Kin-anthropometrist, Australian Strength and Conditioning professional, He is a Teacher of Swimming & water safety (Swimming Australia), England Cricket Board Level 2 Cricket coach, ICC Europe Cricket Umpire, Member of Maharashtra Boxing Association, Vice President of Haushi Sharir Saushthav Seva Sanstha. Currently he is incharge of Exercise and Sports Science Center at Prabodhankar Thackeray Krida Sanku.

    His aim is to improve overall performance of Indian sportsman in the world. Design and guide a strategy for parents & children to improve natural physical growth of their children. Also to improve performance of an Athlete / Team / Children by designing & implementing different training strategies, which he has mastered while studying in many different sport loving nations like Australia, United Kingdom, Russia etc.

    Few Rules that he follows:

    • Design and apply appropriate coaching and teaching skills to match the physical and psychological development of the athlete.
    • Talent identification & fitness analysis of Athletes using different tests in short Monitor Maintain & Improve fitness.
    • Performance enhancement of an athlete by designing, Implementing & evaluating different training strategies.
    • Give correct nutritional, Sports supplement advice & encourage every athlete not to use any illegal substances to improve performance.
    • Injury prevention (Pre-habitation) by designing recovery methods.
    • Sports Management & Development.
    • Team up with Coach, Sports medicine Faculty, Sports Psychologist and Physiotherapists to Strategize correct plan for athletes
    • Childhood physical development by educating parents & children regarding good nutritional habits & different ways to improve growth.

    Area Of Work

    • A year long program to ensure optimum growth & development of a child & keep an athlete injury free.
    • One on one consultation with child / client & his parents / coach to ensure costume strategy for a given client. Because every person is unique, every person is different & so his requirements are different.
    • Individual Health appraisal Screening, interviewing and fitness exercise testing of a client to determine his readiness and current fitness level for exercise & physical Activity (Using Exercise physiology & Sports Science).
    • Help client to set realistic goals & develop exercise regimens and programs (often referred to as an “exercise prescription”) to follow and modify programs as necessary, based on progression and goals for optimal growth & best performance.
    • Demonstrate and instruct specific techniques to clients for the safe and effective performance of various exercise movement depending on his medical & fitness level for optimal growth & best performance.
    • Correct, incorrect or dangerous exercise techniques or training programs. Will use scientific evidence for safety, injury prevention, improve performance & optimal growth.
    • Individual Nutrition and weight management plan based on up-to-date research & individual goals.
    • Sports talent Identification. Many times teachers, parents, coaches are confused as in which sport will be beneficial to given to a particular person. By identifying somatotype (Combination of Body Shape, Physique & Genes) & strengths of a given person we can predict that given person will be talented in what sports.
    • Sports Performance enhancement of a client by designing, Implementing & evaluating different training strategies.
    • Design Appropriate & affordable recovery methods because Good recovery is paramount for performance enhancement & optimal growth.