Roller Skating

Skating increases height, stamina and strength with fun and joy. It increases concentration power of skaters’ because if they don’t concentrate during skating they will fall thus keeping their mind sharp and alert .Skating is recognized by the government of India.

Levels of Skating

Basic Level of Skating

This is where a beginner leans skating, using all the available techniques that are been thought by our coaches. We have many step by step learning for the beginners which involves wearing skates, standing on skates, turns, and brakes to speed skating and many more.

Advance Level of Skating

This is the training where we prepare our skaters for different tricks and tools in skating. In this training we prepare our children’s for competitions physically and mentally.

Why do we all like Skating?

It is lots of fun and it has lots of fitness benefits! There are few general benefit of this sport like reduces coronary risk, weight loss, stress relief, improves body composition, improves sleep and many more.
There are some specific Advantage of this sport that includes strengthening, muscle toning, calorie burning, coordination, better balance, concentration improvement and many more.


MONDAY & FRIDAY06:30 PM - 7:30 PM
07:30 PM - 8:30 PM