Adv. Gymnastics

Advanced Gym Class is based on continuing to build previously learned gymnastics skills, with a more in depth focus on form and technique.
Advanced Gymnastics is to provide a safe, positive and fun environment for children to develop self esteem, confidence and an enjoyment of fitness through sport exploration in gymnastics.
We provide a safe program that teaches progressions with instructors and coaches that provide personal attention to the progress of each child.
Benefits of Gymnastics

  • There are many aspects of sports and specifically gymnastics that are beneficial to individuals. The following can be counted among the benefits.
  • Physical fitness which promotes strength, flexibility, coordination, cardiovascular and musculoskeletal health with a lifetime appreciation of physical fitness.
  • Overall sports related fitness, fun, and built in confidence improved reading for young children and proven enhanced school performance positive life experience.
  • Team atmosphere promotes trust, respect and a nurturing partnership between the gymnast, their family, and the team coaches.

Coaching Methods in gymnastics

  • Every child joins Regular gymnastics classes in PTKS
  • All the children are grouped based on their age and a coach designated to each group. Typically each batch has about 6 groups (10-13 children per group).
  • After 3 months (could vary based on individuals), if the child is loving gymnastics and doing well and we would want him/her to go in for advanced coaching, senior coaches along with the current coach talks to the child’s parents. In that session, the parents are explained exactly what is advanced gymnastics, how we go about coaching children, what is the expectation from the parents and children. Mainly we make it clear that the children will need to spare more time for gymnastics (extra classes), attend classes regularly and also will need to pay additional fees for the same. Only after the parents agree, the children are selected for advanced coaching.
  • We in PTKS follow age appropriate developmental level program designed to ensure that all the abilities of a child are developed by the time he/she is 10 years old, which has a defined syllabus for every age.